About GPS localization and fleet management

If you are interested to know at any time where car or your fleet are then you need GPS localization. GPS locators (trackers) will help significantly to improve the manage your fleet of cars. These devices transmit geographic location and speed of the vehicle (or fleet of cars) to a server. Position and speed of transmission is periodically send by GPRS (GSM mobile Internet) to server who centralize data. The time at which transmission is repeated for a car position and speed can be adjusted according to each user needs (the need to obtain data with a periodicity smaller or larger GPRS transmission costs, archiving costs and resources storage for historical data received from GPS locators (trackers), etc.).

Advantages of our solution of complex equipment and GPS tracking

Tracking devices marketed by us can be set to not accept communication and roaming. This is useful if for example, monitored car moving near the border areas of the country and when there is danger that the GSM network in the neighboring country have stronger signal than the national grid, a situation that could lead to switching the SIM card from the national grid network GSM / GPRS in the neighboring country which would ultimately lead to increased costs of GSM / GPRS.

On the other hand in case the customer wishes monitor vehicles outside the country then he will have to use services of GPRS roaming. The customer will want to minimize transmission costs considering that GPRS GPRS roaming services are quite expensive. In this case GPS locator (tracker) can be set to not send anything if such vehicle is stationary. In addition can greatly increase the time of reporting geographical position and speed of the car so that one day to make as few transmission via GPRS.

It is extremely important to note that all GPRS locators (trackers) that we sell use a data transmission protocol highly optimized to minimize the size of packages of data transmitted so that transmission via GPRS to be minimal, significantly reducing costs of fleet monitoring service GPS / GPRS. Tracking device firmware is optimized and use encoding algorithms so that data transmission to be done safely and with minimal costs. A distinctive feature of GPS locators (trackers) sold by us is that the device firmware can be updated "on the fly" ("update on the fly") ie while equipment is in operation. To change the operating parameters do not need to go to our service to disassemble the device. Everything from remote control commands coded and password protected.

All data collected on the GPS position and speed of travel are stored in a server so that whenever then can be verified (by obtaining historical reports). Also you have an accurate approximation of the distances traveled by a vehicle between two points in time monitor that you set.

All models of GPS locators (trackers) supplied by us have as backup bidirectional communication via SMS. So even if GPRS connection is interrupted or GPRS signal has a poor quality in the area where the car is still monitored. You will be able to communicate with GPS monitoring device via SMS messages. By sending SMS messages encrypted and password protected you will get the GPS monitoring device both geographical position and instantaneous velocity at a time.

The new devices sold by us are extremely reliable and even includes tertiary backup solutions to fill the possible occurrence of special circumstances. For example, if both GPRS transmission is interrupted and in addition there is not even GSM signal that allows sending SMS, location devices are beginning to register in a memory back-up all parameters which normally would be sent to the server via GPRS GPS monitoring. Once the device detects the recurrence of GPRS signal will send to the server all tracking data during the transmission was interrupted. In this way you will not lose any information regarding the location or speed of even if for a certain period of time the car was in an area with poor GSM / GPRS signal. Internal memory storage capacity has a very large reserve and can hold up to 17,500 snapshots geographical coordinates and speeds, which means such as a reporting interval of 60 seconds data can be stored for more than 12 days travel in areas without coverage GSM / GPRS!

Another great advantage that our GPS locators (trackers) have with most other devices on the market is that our devices can be located with an accuracy good enough even if the car is fitted such a device is stolen and hidden in a garage or in an area where reception of signals from GPS satellites is impossible (hiding in a metal or concrete hall, hiding under a metal roof, often hiding under a tree, hiding underground, etc.). In this case the machine can be found via GSM cell location on which there was near. Thus, by sending a coded SMS and protected with a password can be obtained from the tracking device around which identity GSM antenna is hidden car. Can be obtained as follows: MCC (Mobile Country Code), MNC (Mobile Network Code), LAC (Location Area Code), CELL (Cell identifier) and BSIC (Base Station Identity Code). Communicating Police and GSM operator that holds antenna identification can locate the stolen vehicle.

By using GPS locators (trackers) you get the following advantages:

  • substantially reduce fuel consumption by optimizing your car routes prevent theft of your fuel by drivers
  • prevent theft of your fuel by drivers
  • can effectively control fuel consumption and times / locations to fill the tank car from the pump
  • can prevent unauthorized use of your car by another person
  • you can check if your drivers carry out their tasks properly and loyal service if a car is stolen you can locate where it is at a time and you can recover more easily
  • can monitor remotely sounds / voices of people in your car as GPS locators (trackers) have the possibility to send to your phone (on orders password protected) all sounds captured by a microphone inside the vehicle cab monitor. Audio monitoring should be done respecting strictly Romanian legislation. Before using this feature it should be mandatory to consult a lawyer and strictly follow their professional advice
  • you can get through negotiation with insurance companies significantly reduce costs for hull policies regarding the risk of theft because the machine can be recovered more easily located in case of theft.

GPS locators (trackers) are sold with one of these two monitoring solutions:

1) Monitoring free, server is installed on your computer. If monitoring location is free throughout the globe.

  • not require a fee monitoring (payable only GPRS traffic consumed, payment is made directly to your mobile operator)
  • free free Google Earth map
  • allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple vehicles in real time
  • provides historical travel reports, speeds, distances, etc. depending on date and time
  • report provides the distance between two points in time chosen
  • location and speed data are recorded in a database (MDB format) can be further processed while allowing users to develop applications and new reports, customized according to your individual needs
  • software allows monitoring and managing change communication parameters in real time with GPS locators

2) Monitoring COMMERCIAL, location server is accessed via a web page. In this case you will pay a minimum monthly subscription for each vehicle located. Commercial solution has the following advantages:

  • can be accessed from any computer with Internet connection and has an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox 4
  • access to a detailed map at street level for most localities in Romania (the most detailed map possible for Romania) and world wide
  • provides detailed mileage reports (roadmap)
  • report provides the distance between two points in time chosen
  • reports of standing offers that will help you identify the place and time in which to feature your car
  • allows simultaneous localization of all cars in your fleet of vehicles
  • allows you to restore your car travel history between two time points chosen
  • you can assign permitted areas to each driver; if drivers leave or arrive on assigned areas then you will be notified by an e-mail about this event

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